South African Modelling Network (SAMNET) Virtual Workshop: Fiscal Policy and Fiscal-Monetary Interdependence in South Africa

3 May 2021
JEL Code: C5, E62, E63
Event date: 28 June 2021
- 30 June 2021
Location: Zoom

Organizers: Romain Houssa – University of Namur, SAMNET and Nicola Viegi – University of Pretoria, SAMNET Fiscal policy and fiscal-monetary policy interdependence are central for the macroeconomic stability of South Africa and its future development and growth. The South African Macroeconomic Network (SAMNET) announces an international workshop to explore current research in the area. South African and international researchers were invited to submit papers strictly related to the topic of the workshop. Keynote speaker: Eric Leeper, Paul Goodloe McIntire Professor in Economics at the University of Virginia, Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, Director of the Virginia Center for Economic Policy at the University of Virginia and an external advisor to the Swedish central bank, and a member of the Research Council of the Bundesbank. You can find the presentations on the playlist below:

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