Call for Papers: 4th International Workshop on the Economics of Competition and Industrial Organization

2 June 2015
Economic theme: Public Finance
JEL Code: D4, L2
Call for papers submission deadline: 31 July 2015
Event date: 7 September 2015
- 8 September 2015

Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) funds annual workshops to promote research in industrial organization and competition policy in South Africa and beyond. Previous keynote speakers include Daniel Rubinfeld and Luke Froeb.

The upcoming workshop will focus on the economics of collusion, with keynote speaker Prof Joseph Harrington (University of Pennsylvania Wharton School). We therefore especially welcome submissions on:

  • Cartel pricing dynamics and determinants of steady-state cartel prices
  • Studies of observed collusive practices including communication practices
  • Models of cartel formation
  • Cartel screening tools

We also welcome:

  • Empirical IO papers, including demand modelling papers
  • Papers dealing explicitly with South African competition policy issues

Submissions may take the form of either abstracts or completed papers. Applicants who wish to attend without presenting a paper must indicate their research interests, as they may be involved as discussants.

Send papers and abstracts to Prof Willem Boshoff: [email protected]

Deadline for submission: 31 July 2015

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