Event Type: Seminar

Trade policy: Clipping South Africa’s wings
Since 2010, various trade measures have been imposed to protect Sou...
Event: 19 July 2023
Yash Ramkolowan, Sifiso Mahlaba, Lawrence Edwards, Matthew Stern, Neva S. Makgetla, Ayabonga Cawe
Workshop on Financial Technology and Development
Financial technology has developed rapidly in many developing count...
Giorgia Barboni, Giorgia Barboni, Allan Davids, Co-Pierre Georg, Willem H. Boshoff, Lukasz Grzybowski, Lucas A. Mariani
South African Modelling Network Virtual Workshop: Emerging Markets back in the spotligh...
Organizers: Romain Houssa – University of Namur, SAMNET and Nicola ...
Romain Houssa, Nicola Viegi
SAMNet Workshop

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