Economic Theme: Growth, Development & Structural Constraints

Unleashing International Trade through Financial Integration: Evidence from a Cross- Bo...
Working Paper 890 Leveraging administrative firm-level data on t...
Vinicios Sant’Anna, Gustavo S. Cortes, Lucas A. Mariani
Working Paper
Call for conference papers: Cities as Potential Drivers of Economic Growth and Prosperity
ERSA is organising a two-day conference for academics, policymakers...
Bradley Kent
Call for Papers
ERSA Conference: Infrastructure for Economic Growth
This two-day conference, organized by Economic Research Southern Af...
Lukasz Grzybowski
Call for conference papers: Infrastructure for Economic Growth
This two-day conference, organized by Economic Research Southern Af...
Lukasz Grzybowski
Call for Papers
PSG #ThinkBigSA Competition Submission
2024 will mark South Africa’s thirtieth year as a democracy. And, w...
Call for Papers
ESSA National PhD Conference 2024
ESSA in collaboration with Economic Research South Africa (ERSA) an...
Assessing the Impact of Environmental Policies on South African Trade
Discussion Document 16 South Africa’s economy is highly reliant ...
Gracelin Baskaran
Discussion Document
Defining South Africa’s Priorities: A Roundtable Discussion on its G20 Presidency
As we continue to promote the discussion and development of economi...
UK - SA International Economic Partnership 
Gracelin Baskaran on how environmental policies may impact South African trade
One month after COP28, we record our first podcast of 2024. As the ...
Margaux Giannaros, Gracelin Baskaran
African Economic History Network Meeting
The programme contains two keynotes and over twenty parallel sessio...
Carolyn Chisadza
Bradley Kent on SA's S&P Credit Rating 2023
ERSA’s own Bradley Kent chats to Hot102.7 FM’s Hot Busi...
Bradley Kent
Hot102.7 FM
Request for Proposals: Back to inflation
Back to inflation In the wake of the global financial crisis (GFC),...
Call for Work
Delivering a difficult MTBPS
Running up to the elections next year, this was a difficult MTBPS t...
Margaux Giannaros, Isaah Mhlanga
Shedding light on AGOA
This week, after much anticipation, the AGOA Forum was hosted in Na...
Gracelin Baskaran, Margaux Giannaros
What do we expect from the MTBPS?
Prior to last year’s Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) th...
Margaux Giannaros, Isaah Mhlanga
Tax effort and capacity in developing countries: Unravelling the impact of the informal...
Working paper 889 This study focuses on estimating the tax effort i...
Ezekiel Lengaram
Working Paper
Request for Proposals: The role of cities as drivers of growth and employment
Background Urbanization in South Africa is expected to reach 80% by...
Call for Work
South Africa’s future will be decided in our cities
Discussion Document 14 South Africa’s cities face multiple, overlap...
Dieter von Fintel, Justin Visagie, Ivan Turok, Takwanisa Machemedze, Claus Rabe, Sebastian Galiani, Edward Glaeser
Discussion Document
Call for Application: An ERSA Research Workshop: Longitudinal Data in African History
The study of African economic history has reached a tipping point. ...
Call for Application
Call for Application: The Second Economic Theory Workshop “Economies with Asymmetric In...
Keynote Speakers: Professor Wanda Mimra (ETH Zuerich, Switzerland) ...
Submit paper: 1 August 2014
Call for Application
Call for Application: Training Workshop for Graduate Students: South African Economic H...
South African economic history is undergoing a mini-revolution. Ass...
Call for Application
Call for Papers: Economic History/Macroeconomic Workshop Jan 2015
Savings, credit and debt in South African history Keynote Speakers:...
Submit paper: 5 December 2014
Call for Papers
Call for Papers: The Third Economic Theory Workshop
Keynote Speaker: Professor Felix Kübler (University of Zurich, Swit...
Call for Papers
Workshop on Financial Technology and Development
Financial technology has developed rapidly in many developing count...
Giorgia Barboni, Giorgia Barboni, Allan Davids, Co-Pierre Georg, Willem H. Boshoff, Lukasz Grzybowski, Lucas A. Mariani
Monitoring South Africa’s metropolitan economies: A survey of the data landscape
Discussion Document 13 Disparities in data across different metropo...
Dieter von Fintel
Discussion Document
Cities, productivity and Jobs in SA: Problems and potential
Discussion Document 12 Cities contribute to national prosperity bec...
Ivan Turok, Justin Visagie
Discussion Document
Place-based economic policies: international lessons for South Africa
Discussion Document 11 Place-based policies are designed to support...
Harris Selod, Claus Rabe
Discussion Document
What luminosity data can and cannot reveal about South Africa’s urban economies
Discussion Document 10 As novel types of data are becoming availabl...
Takwanisa Machemedze
Discussion Document
Crime: A policy-oriented survey
Discussion Document 9 South Africa has a reputation for having high...
Sebastian Galiani
Discussion Document
3rd University of Pretoria-Stellenbosch PhD Workshop
Background and Objective: The Third University of Pretoria-Stellenb...
Submit paper: 1 June 2023
Mamello Nchake, Marisa von Vintel, Jesse Naidoo
Call for Papers: Workshop on Financial Technology and Development
Financial technology has developed rapidly in many developing count...
Submit paper: 14 July 2023
Call for Papers
Demographic changes and asset prices in an overlapping generations model
Working Paper 884 We examine the effect of demographic shifts on as...
Ghislain H. Demeze-Jouatsa, Frank Riedel, Beatrice D. Simo-Kengne
Working Paper
Foresight Africa 2023: Presentation
Brookings Institution’s Flagship Foresight Africa 2023 was wr...
Aloysius Uche Ordu
Workshop Presentation
Foresight Africa 2023: A Southern African Perspective
Please join the Brookings Institution and Economics Research Southe...
Haroon Bhorat, Matthew Simmonds, Mamokete Lijane, Will Pearson, Aloysius Uche Ordu, Gracelin Baskaran
Importance of employment programs for the youth in South Africa
Discussion Document 08 The present report reviews the literature on...
Michelle Pleace, Jéssica Gagete-Miranda
Discussion Document
ESSA National PhD Conference 2023
ESSA in collaboration with Economic Research South Africa (ERSA) an...

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