Author: Wei Ma

Random Expected Utility Theory with a Continuum of Prizes
This note generalizes Gul and Pesendorfer’s random expected utility...
20 August 2018
Working Paper
Perturbed Utility and General Equilibrium Analysis
We study general equilibrium theory of complete markets in an other...
5 January 2017
Working Paper
Pareto Optimality and Indeterminancy of General Equilibrium under Knightian Uncertainty
This paper studies general equilibrium theory, for both complete an...
11 March 2016
Working Paper
Bayesian learning with multiple priors and non-vanishing ambiguity
The existing models of Bayesian learning with multiple priors by Ma...
2 June 2015
Working Paper
Optimal Information Transmission
This paper addresses the issue of how a given piece of information ...
26 May 2015
Working Paper
A Simple Method for Computing Equilibria when Asset Markets Are Incomplete
The problem of computing equilibria for general equilibrium models ...
11 December 2014
Working Paper