Author: Stan Du Plessis

Which comes first: good governance or prosperity? A historical experiment from the South African Republic a...
Two neighbouring republics, with a common history and culture, foll...
28 June 2017
Working Paper
Loud and Clear: Can we hear when the SARB speaks?
Communication has become critically important for modern monetary p...
1 September 2015
Policy Brief
Measuring Core Inflation in South Africa
Measures of core inflation convey critical information about an eco...
24 February 2015
Working Paper
A Post-Crisis Reading of the 'Role of Monetary Policy'
In 1967 Milton Friedman delivered “The Role of Monetary Policy’ as ...
11 February 2014
Working Paper
Pearls worth Rds4000 or less: Reinterpreting eighteenth century sumptuary laws at the Cape
Governor Ryk Tulbagh promulgated sumptuary laws at the Cape in 1755...
18 March 2013
Working Paper
Trends and Structural Changes in South African Macroeconomic Volatility
The international financial crisis that started in 2007 and the sub...
26 September 2012
Working Paper