Author: Paul Alagidede

The impact of AGOA on export flows from sub-Saharan Africa: A dynamic system GMM analysis
This study seeks to understand the relationship between the United ...
6 October 2020
Working Paper
Effect of Financial Development on Economic Growth in sub-Saharan African: Does Sectoral Growth Matter?
The role of financial sector development in economic growth has rec...
15 January 2019
Policy Brief
Electricity crisis and the effect of CO2 emissions on infrastructure-growth nexus in Sub Saharan Africa
Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) is a region of over 950 million people but...
11 September 2018
Policy Brief
Nonlinearities in Financial Development–Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence from sub–Saharan Africa (SSA)
The impact of financial development on economic growth has received...
21 August 2018
Policy Brief
Effect of Financial Development on Economic Growth in sub–Saharan Africa: Does Sectoral Growth Matter?
This paper examines the overall economic growth effect when the gro...
11 July 2018
Working Paper
Impact of macroeconomic announcements on foreign exchange volatility: Evidence from South Africa
This study focuses on scheduled macroeconomic news announcements an...
14 June 2018
Working Paper