Author: Lumengo Bonga-Bonga

Trade Linkages and Business Cycle Co-movement: An Empirical Analysis of Africa and its Main Trading Partner...
This paper assesses the extent of trade linkages and shock transmis...
2 April 2015
Working Paper
Effects of reducing tariffs in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): A CGE analysis
In this paper, the effects of reducing tariffs are analysed through...
2 October 2014
Working Paper
Wage subsidy in the DRC: A CGE analysis
This paper analyses wage subsidies on lower-skilled formal workers ...
9 September 2013
Working Paper
Volatility Spillovers between the Equity Market and Foreign Exchange Market in South Africa
This paper attempts to assess the extent of volatility spillovers b...
25 September 2012
Working Paper
Monetary Policy and Long-Term Interest Rates in South Africa
This paper examines how the short-term and long-term interest rates...
21 September 2012
Working Paper
Forward Exchange Rate Puzzle: Joining the Missing Pieces in the Rand-US Dollar Exchange Market
The Unbiased Forward Rate Hypothesis (UFRH) stipulates that the for...
20 September 2012
Working Paper