Author: Ilse Botha

Comparing Linear and Non-linear Benchmarks of Exchange Rate Forecasting
Throughout the past 3 decades, the random walk model served as exch...
4 February 2015
Working Paper
Evaluating Non-Linear Approaches in Forecasting Tourist Arrivals
Quantitative methods to forecasting tourist arrivals can be sub-div...
30 January 2015
Working Paper
A Panel Ordered Response Model for Sovereign Credit ratings in Africa
In recent times there has been an increased focus on the myriad inv...
26 September 2014
Working Paper
Happy in the Informal Economy? A Case Study of Well-Being Among Day Labourers in South Africa
Past research provided evidence of the negative effect that individ...
22 March 2013
Working Paper
A comparative analysis of the synchronisation of business cycles for developed and developing economies wit...
Globalisation brought about worldwide changes, including economic a...
21 September 2012
Working Paper