Author: Harold P. E. Ngawala

Is There A SADC Business Cycle: Evidence from Dynamic Factor Model
Countries that are successfully executing trade and economic libera...
30 May 2017
Policy Brief
Is There a SADC Business Cycle? Evidence from a Dynamic Factor Model
Countries that adopt a common currency automatically relinquish the...
30 November 2016
Working Paper
A Portrait of Informal Sector Credit and Interest Rates in Malawi: Interpolated Monthly Time Series
Although informal finance forms a large part of their financial sec...
30 July 2014
Working Paper
Anatomy of the Southern African Customs Union: Structure and Revenue Volatility
This paper studies the evolution of the Southern African Customs Un...
12 September 2013
Working Paper
Southern African Customs Union Revenue, Public Expenditures and HIV/AIDS in BLNS Countries
This study sets out to investigate how revenue from the Southern Af...
23 August 2013
Working Paper
Interaction of Formal and Informal Financial Markets in Quasi-Emerging Market Economies
The primary objective of this paper is to investigate the interacti...
16 January 2013
Working Paper