Author: Fredrick M. Wamalwa

Teacher Human Capital, Teacher Effort and Student Achievements in Kenya
Evidence gathered over the past 40 years demonstrates that educatio...
16 July 2018
Policy Brief
Private Schools and Student Learning Achievements in Kenya
In a number of sub-Saharan African countries, evidence shows that t...
11 June 2018
Policy Brief
Gender and Birth Order Effects on Intra-Household Schooling Choices and Educational Attainments in Kenya
Many schooling decisions take place within the family. For instance...
21 May 2018
Policy Brief
Teacher human capital, teacher effort and student achievements in Kenya
Although research generally shows that teachers matter for student ...
3 January 2018
Policy Brief
Gender and birth order effects on intra-household schooling choices and education attainments in Kenya
In this paper, we investigate the effect of two important family ch...
1 September 2017
Working Paper
Private schools and student learning achievements in Kenya
This papers examines the effect of private schools on literacy and ...
15 June 2017
Policy Brief