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Economywide Country Studies: Africa

The long-term effects of early-life exposure to weather shocks: Evidence from Tanzania
We examine whether early-life exposure to rainfall shocks has a lon...
Published: 29 April 2022
Ermias G. Weldesenbet
Working Paper
Big data forecasting of South African inflation
We investigate whether the use of machine learning techniques and b...
Published: 25 February 2022
Rulof P. Burger, Neil Rankin, Kevin Kotze, Byron Botha
Working Paper
Government religious preference and intrastate conflict
Understanding the causes and consequences of conflicts continues to...
Published: 26 August 2021
Matthew W. Clance, Eduard van der Merwe, Carolyn Chisadza
Working Paper
Differential corporate taxation and inter-asset investment distortions in South Africa
South Africa has since the 1990’s actively reformed its corpo...
Published: 18 June 2021
Mashekwa Maboshe, Matthew Stern, Yash Ramkolowan
Working Paper
Corporate taxation and firm-level investment in South Africa
This paper investigates the responsiveness of firm-level investment...
Published: 15 June 2021
Mashekwa Maboshe
Working Paper
‘Learning to export’ and ‘learning to innovate’: Revisiting the relationship between in...
This paper examines the relationship between innovation and export ...
Published: 10 May 2021
Fiona Tregenna, Elvis K. Avenyo, Kwanele Ngwadleka
Working Paper
The time-varying elasticity of South African electricity demand: 1980–2018
This study estimates the price and income elasticity coefficients o...
Published: 5 November 2020
Kabelo Masike, Cobus Vermeulen
Working Paper
Policy Bulletin 02: Reflections on Aspects of Public Finance and Fiscal Policy in South...
After the COVID-19 crisis is over, South Africa will face a fiscal ...
Published: 12 September 2020
Estian Calitz
Policy Bulletin
Does the Pursuit of Outreach Consistently Stifle the Financial Performance of Microfina...
We study the relationship between outreach and the financial perfor...
Published: 19 March 2020
Sydney Chikalipah
Working Paper
Trade Openness and Fertility Rates in Africa: Panel Data Evidence
We study the effect of trade openness on fertility rates in fifty A...
Published: 13 January 2020
Matthew W. Clance, Yoseph Y. Getachew, Manoel Bittencourt
Working Paper
A New Keynesian DSGE model for low income economies with foreign exchange constraints
The existing literature is clear that low income economies tend to ...
Published: 23 September 2019
Bertha C. Bangara
Working Paper
Inequality in South Africa: what does a composite index of wellbeing reveal?
Policymakers need better information regarding wellbeing inequality...
Published: 18 September 2019
Talita Dalton-Greyling, Stephanié Rossouw
Working Paper
Public Infrastructure Provision and Ethnic Favouritism: Evidence from South Africa
Does ethnic favouritism in administrative governments affect public...
Published: 17 July 2019
Leoné Walters, Manoel Bittencourt, Carolyn Chisadza
Working Paper
The origin of extractive states in Africa: The case of the British Cape Colony, 1834-1909
The majority of African states continue to be regarded as extractiv...
Published: 16 May 2019
Johan Fourie, Abel Gwaindepi
Working Paper
Access to micro and informal loans: evaluating the impact on the quality of life of poo...
Since the early 1980s, many governments have investigated the possi...
Published: 30 April 2019
Talita Dalton-Greyling
Policy Brief
Access to micro – and informal loans: evaluating the impact on the quality of life of p...
Background: Since the early 1980s, many governments have investigat...
Published: 12 March 2019
Talita Dalton-Greyling, Stephanié Rossouw
Working Paper
Regional disparities in income-independent quality of life in South Africa: convergence...
The purpose of this study is to add to the empirical literature reg...
Published: 28 March 2018
Trust R. Mpofu, Stephanié Rossouw, Talita Dalton-Greyling
Working Paper
Financial Structure and Economic Growth: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
This study examines the effect of financial structure on economic g...
Published: 19 February 2018
Eftychia Nikolaidou, Naomi M. Mathenge
Policy Brief
Aid Volatility and Structural Economic Transformation in sub-Saharan Africa
To what extent does Official Development Assistance (ODA) volatilit...
Published: 24 July 2017
Thomas Yeboah, Muazu Ibrahim, Emmanuel Kumi
Policy Brief
The Interdependence between the Saving Rate and Technology across Regimes: Evidence fro...
This paper hypothesises that the saving rate and technological prog...
Published: 24 March 2017
Kevin S. Nell, Maria M. De Mello
Policy Brief
Aid Volatility and Structural Economic Transformation in sub-Saharan Africa: Does Finan...
This paper departs from the traditional aid–economic growth studies...
Published: 12 January 2017
Thomas Yeboah, Muazu Ibrahim, Emmanuel Kumi
Working Paper
Does Infrastructure Really Explain Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa?
In the light of Africa’s palpable deficit in public infrastructure,...
Published: 14 December 2016
Odongo Kodongo, Kalu Ojah
Working Paper
Financial sector development, economic volatility and shocks in sub-Saharan Africa
The role of financial sector development in economic volatility has...
Published: 16 November 2016
Paul Alagidede, Muazu Ibrahim
Policy Brief
Non-Economic Quality of Life and Population Density in South Africa
The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship betwee...
Published: 11 October 2016
Talita Dalton-Greyling, Stephanié Rossouw
Working Paper
The Impact of the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite Free Trade Agreement on the South African ...
This paper analyses the effects of the COMESA-EAC-SADC Tripartite F...
Published: 14 September 2016
Heinrich R. Bohlmann, Matthew W. Clance, Leoné Walters
Working Paper
Globalisation and Conflict: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
Stephen Pinker (2011) advances that various forms of violence such ...
Published: 13 September 2016
Carolyn Chisadza, Manoel Bittencourt
Working Paper
The Sectoral Employment Intensity of Growth in South Africa
Concerns have been expressed recently about the inability of the So...
Published: 1 September 2016
Njabulo Mkhize
Working Paper
The Fertility Transition: Panel Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
We investigate the effects of different socioeconomic indicators on...
Published: 7 July 2016
Manoel Bittencourt, Carolyn Chisadza
Policy Brief
Comovement Between Africa and Advanced Economies: 1980-2011
This paper analyses business cycle comovement between African econo...
Published: 3 February 2016
Elsabé Loots, Carike Claassen, Alain Kabundi
Working Paper
Latecomer challenge: African Multinationals from the periphery
Multinationals from emerging markets display different characterist...
Published: 7 January 2016
Grietjie Verhoef
Working Paper
Financial sector development, inflation and openness: A comparative panel study of ECOW...
This paper provides an empirical analysis of the comparative study ...
Published: 30 June 2015
Sulemana Mahawiya
Working Paper
Political transition in a small open economy: Retracing the economic trail of South Afr...
This paper seeks to offer an economic explanation for the emergence...
Published: 8 September 2014
Biniam E. Bedasso
Working Paper
An economic model of the apartheid state
Rather than a rigid racial ideology, it is argued that South Africa...
Published: 18 August 2014
Anton D. Lowenberg
Working Paper
The Good African Society Index
This paper constructs a Good Society Index for 45 African countries...
Published: 4 July 2014
Ferdi Botha
Working Paper
The Good African Society Index
This paper constructs a Good Society Index for 45 African countries...
Published: 4 July 2014
Ferdi Botha
Working Paper
An examination of sub-national growth in Nigeria: 1999 - 2012
I use satellite imagery on night time lights to measure growth acro...
Published: 24 June 2014
Nonso Obikili
Working Paper

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