JEL code: O10

Economic Development: General

Big data forecasting of South African inflation
We investigate whether the use of machine learning techniques and b...
Rulof P. Burger, Neil Rankin, Kevin Kotze, Byron Botha
Working Paper
Government religious preference and intrastate conflict
Understanding the causes and consequences of conflicts continues to...
Matthew W. Clance, Eduard van der Merwe, Carolyn Chisadza
Working Paper
The persistence of apartheid regional wage disparities in South Africa
Despite the ending of apartheid, regional wage disparities remain p...
Lawrence Edwards, Gibson Mudiriza
Working Paper
Aid Volatility and Structural Economic Transformation in sub-Saharan Africa
To what extent does Official Development Assistance (ODA) volatilit...
Thomas Yeboah, Muazu Ibrahim, Emmanuel Kumi
Policy Brief
Aid Volatility and Structural Economic Transformation in sub-Saharan Africa: Does Finan...
This paper departs from the traditional aid–economic growth studies...
Thomas Yeboah, Muazu Ibrahim, Emmanuel Kumi
Working Paper
Globalisation and Conflict: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa
Stephen Pinker (2011) advances that various forms of violence such ...
Carolyn Chisadza, Manoel Bittencourt
Working Paper
The Impact of Fractionalization on Cultural Distance Measures
We examine the impact of ethno-linguistic fractionalization (ELF) o...
John M. Luiz
Working Paper
Is Democracy Eluding Sub-Saharan Africa?
This paper analyses the modernisation hypothesis in the sub-Saharan...
Manoel Bittencourt, Carolyn Chisadza
Working Paper
Does Education Promote Stable Property Rights?
This paper sets out to establish an empirical link between educatio...
Biniam E. Bedasso
Working Paper
The Impact of the Slave Trade on Literacy in Africa: Evidence from the Colonial Era
Recent studies have highlighted the importance of Africa’s hi...
Nonso Obikili
Working Paper
Yet Another Look at the Modernisation Hypothesis: Evidence from South America
We investigate in this paper whether the exogenous version of the m...
Manoel Bittencourt
Working Paper
Heights and development in a Cash-Crop Colony: Living standards in Ghana, 1870-1980
While Ghana is a classic case of economic growth in an agricultural...
Jörg Baten, Gareth Austin, Alexander Moradi
Working Paper
Does Famine Matter For Aggregate Adolescent Human Capital Acquisition In Sub-Saharan Af...
To the extent that in utero and childhood malnutrition negatively a...
Julius A. Agbor, Gregory N. Price
Working Paper
Heterogeneity Happens: How Rights Matter in Economic Development
The paper examines how much governance matters for long run economi...
Kamil Akramov, Robert E. Klitgaard, Johannes W. Fedderke
Working Paper
An examination of the Impact of Economic Policy on long-run Economic Growth: An applica...
This paper examines the impact of two indicators of government poli...
Martine Mariotti
Working Paper
An examination of the impact of financial deepening on long-run economic growth: An app...
This paper examines the impact of financial deepening on long run e...
Chandana Kularatne
Working Paper

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