JEL code: N47

Economic History: Government, War, Law, International Relations, and Regulation: Africa; Oceania

Measuring institutions during and after colonisation in Senegal (1819-2010)
Most of the widely used indicators of institutions have been critic...
Elise W. Sonne, Maty Konte
Working Paper
Measurement and analysis of the evolution of institutions in Nigeria
“Institutions matter” has become a generally accepted premise in de...
Johannes W. Fedderke, Mare Sarr, David O. Fadiran
Working Paper
Path dependence and interdependence between institutions and development
Path dependence theory, within the institutions context, means that...
Mare Sarr, David Fadiran
Policy Brief
An economic model of the apartheid state
Rather than a rigid racial ideology, it is argued that South Africa...
Anton D. Lowenberg
Working Paper
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and Local Political Fragmentation in Africa
I examine the possibility that the trans-Atlantic slave trades infl...
Nonso Obikili
Working Paper
Pearls worth Rds4000 or less: Reinterpreting eighteenth century sumptuary laws at the Cape
Governor Ryk Tulbagh promulgated sumptuary laws at the Cape in 1755...
Stan Du Plessis
Working Paper
The Legacy of Historical Conflict Evidence from Africa
This paper exploits variation between and within countries to exami...
Marta Reynal-Querol, Timothy Besley
Working Paper
Constructing Institutional Measures: Indicators of Political and Property Rights in Moz...
In this paper we focus on the role of political and economic instit...
Guilherme Oliviera, John M. Luiz, Luis B. Pereira
Working Paper
A theory of colonial goverance
This paper considers conditions of optimality in a co-optive strate...
Johannes W. Fedderke, Julius A. Agbor, Nicola Viegi
Working Paper

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