JEL code: J12

Marriage; Marital Dissolution; Family Structure; Domestic Abuse

Missing boys: Explaining South Africa’s unbalanced sex ratio, 1894-2011
At the beginning of the twentieth century the sex ratio for South A...
Johan Fourie, Francisco J. Marco-Gracia
Working Paper
Love and addiction: The importance of commitment
Policy Paper 04 The bilaterally monopolistic nature of relationship...
Steven F. Koch
Policy Paper
State pension payouts boost migrant job prospects for household members
Large cash transfers to elderly South Africans, in the form of gove...
Anne Case, Victoria Hosegood, Cally Ardington
Policy Brief
The male marital earnings premium in the context of bridewealth payments: Evidence from...
This study explores the nature of the marital earnings premium for ...
Daniela Casale, Dorrit Posel
Working Paper