JEL code: I18

Health: Government Policy; Regulation; Public Health

‘Learning to export’ and ‘learning to innovate’: Revisiting the relationship between in...
This paper examines the relationship between innovation and export ...
Fiona Tregenna, Elvis K. Avenyo, Kwanele Ngwadleka
Working Paper
The effect of cigarette price changes on smoking prevalence by gender: The case of Sout...
South Africa successfully reduced smoking prevalence by substantial...
Corné van Walbeek, Nicole Vellios, Zachary Gitonga
Working Paper
‘Quantitative Easing' and central bank asset purchases in South Africa: A DSGE approach
This paper develops a small open-economy (SOE) dynamic stochastic g...
Cobus Vermeulen
Impact of Social Transfers on Depressive Symptoms: Evidence from the South African Old ...
We study the effect of  income receipt in form of Old age pension (...
Joseph Ajefu, Adeola Oyenubi
Working Paper
The Effect of Tobacco and Alcohol Control Policies on Household Spending Patterns in Ke...
This paper examines the effect of tobacco and alcohol control polic...
Abel O. Nyagwachi, Grieve Chelwa, Corné van Walbeek
Working Paper
The effects of price and non-price policies on cigarette consumption in South Africa
The health consequences of smoking are serious and have been freque...
Ernest N. Tingum, Noreen Mdege, Alfred K. Mukong
Working Paper
Parental bargaining and rural-urban child health differential in Tanzania
This paper extends the empirical analysis of child health by simult...
Justine Burns, Alfred K. Mukong
Policy Brief
An Econometric Method for Estimating Population Parameters from Non-Random Samples: An...
The problem of sample selection complicates the process of drawing ...
Zoë M. McLaren, Rulof P. Burger
Working Paper
Does the Equivalence Scale Matter? Equivalence and Out-of-Pocket Payments
We evaluate the effects of different equivalence scale parameter es...
Steven F. Koch
Policy Brief
Demand-side determinants of access to healthcare services: Empirical evidence from Africa
Better health status is influenced by access to health care, among ...
Wa Ntita Serge Kabongo, Josue Mbonigaba
Policy Brief
Has South Africa’s Investment in Public Health Care Improved Health Outcomes?
South Africa’s total expenditure on health equates to almost 9% of ...
Jugal Mahabir, Talita Dalton-Greyling, Lucas Bidzha
Policy Brief
Demand-side determinants of access to healthcare service: Empirical evidence from Africa
This study identifies the key determinants of access to healthcare ...
Wa Ntita Serge Kabongo, Josue Mbonigaba
Working Paper
The Demand for Reproductive Health Care
This research formalizes the interactions between the various deter...
Steven F. Koch, Gauthier Tshiswaka-Kashalala
Working Paper
Diagnosing Deep Roots of Development: Genetic, Disease and Environmental Factors
We examine the association between indicators of real GDP per capit...
Valerio Napolioni, Robert E. Klitgaard, Johannes W. Fedderke, James P. MacMurray
Working Paper
Panel: Health financing and regulatory reforms
On 6 February 2014 ERSA hosted a symposium in Stellenbosch on Criti...
Anja Smith
Policy Brief
User Fee Abolition in South Africa in 1994 and 1996: Differences-in-Differences
South Africa waived user fees for primary health care, first in 199...
Steven F. Koch, Anna S. Brink
Working Paper
Economic aspects of universal health coverage
This brief sums up the findings of his presentation, focusing on th...
Peter C. Smith
Policy Brief
Lessons on governance for the move towards universal health coverage in South Africa
Goudge’s presentation emphasised that appropriate governance mechan...
Anja Smith
Policy Brief
Assessing regional variation in the effect of the removal of user fees on institutional...
This paper examines regional differences in the effect of user fee ...
Steven F. Koch, Chitalu M. Chama-Chiliba
Working Paper
ERSA symposium and training workshop: Critical choices around universal health coverage
Symposium – 6 February 2014 In 2012 the South African government em...
Health Care Facility Choice and User Fee Abolition: Regression Discontinuity in a Multi...
We apply parametric and nonparametric regression discontinuity meth...
Steven F. Koch, Jeffrey S. Racine
Working Paper
The Cost-effectiveness of Intervening in Low and High HIV Prevalence Areas in South Africa
The cost-effectiveness of intervening with a set of HIV/AIDS interv...
Josue Mbonigaba
Working Paper
The Economics of Information Technology in Public Sector Health Facilities in Developin...
The public healthcare sector in developing countries face many chal...
John M. Luiz, Gregory B. Cline
Working Paper
Free public healtcare does not remove inequality of healthcare access
Despite the availability in South Africa of free public health care...
Steven F. Koch
Policy Brief

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