JEL code: I12

Health Production

The long-term effects of early-life exposure to weather shocks: Evidence from Tanzania
We examine whether early-life exposure to rainfall shocks has a lon...
Ermias G. Weldesenbet
Working Paper
Climate change and child health: A Nigerian perspective
The detrimental effect of climate change on health is becoming an e...
Matthew W. Clance, Eleni Yitbarek, Eduard van der Merwe
Working Paper
Policy Bulletin 02: Reflections on Aspects of Public Finance and Fiscal Policy in South...
After the COVID-19 crisis is over, South Africa will face a fiscal ...
Estian Calitz
Policy Bulletin
The Demand for Cigarettes: New Evidence from South Africa
This paper provides an extensive analysis of the demand for cigaret...
Alfred K. Mukong, Ernest N. Tingum
Working Paper
The Role of Alcohol and Tobacco Consumption on Income-related Inequality in Health in S...
In many developing countries, there is wide inequality in the distr...
Hana Ross, Corné van Walbeek, Alfred K. Mukong
Policy Brief
Parental bargaining and rural-urban child health differential in Tanzania
This paper extends the empirical analysis of child health by simult...
Justine Burns, Alfred K. Mukong
Policy Brief
Has South Africa’s Investment in Public Health Care Improved Health Outcomes?
South Africa’s total expenditure on health equates to almost 9% of ...
Jugal Mahabir, Talita Dalton-Greyling, Lucas Bidzha
Policy Brief
Peer Networks and Tobacco Consumption in South Africa
This paper deepens the empirical analysis of peer networks by consi...
Alfred K. Mukong
Policy Brief
The Relative (in)Efficiency of South African Municipalities in Providing Public Health ...
Previous studies in South Africa have not dis-aggregated efficiency...
Saidou B. Oumar, Josue Mbonigaba
Working Paper
Southern African Customs Union Revenue, Public Expenditures and HIV/AIDS in BLNS Countries
This study sets out to investigate how revenue from the Southern Af...
Harold P. E. Ngawala
Working Paper
Dynamic Health Care Decisions and Child Health in South Africa
A large number of child deaths in developing countries could be ave...
Steven F. Koch
Working Paper
DEA Applied to a Gauteng Sample of South African Public Hospitals
The ability of the South African government to provide antiretrovir...
Steven F. Koch, Jacques K. Ngoie
Working Paper