JEL code: H24

Personal Income and Other Nonbusiness Taxes and Subsidies; includes inheritance and gift taxes

Reigniting economic growth: Lessons from three centuries of data
We estimate that since 1701, South Africa has experienced 163 years...
Edward Kerby, Roy Havemann
Working Paper
Taxpayer responsiveness to taxation: Evidence from bunching at kink points of the South...
I apply the bunching methodology to South African administrative ta...
Neryvia Pillay Bell
Working Paper
Measuring the Impact of Marginal Tax Rate Reform on the Revenue Base of South Africa Us...
This paper is primarily concerned with the revenue and tax efficien...
Niek J. Schoeman, Yolandé van Heerden
Working Paper
Modelling the Impact of Automatic Fiscal Stabilisers on Output Stabilisation in South A...
This paper investigates ways in which an efficiency model like ‘DEA...
Niek J. Schoeman, Jacques K. Ngoie
Working Paper

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