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Spatial dependence

Spatial dependence of per capita property tax income in South Africa

Kabeya Clement Mulamba and Fiona Tergenna
We investigate spatial dependence of per capita property tax income among South African municipalities. One original contribution of our study is the use of per capita property tax income, rather than the property tax rate, as the outcome variable. Per capita property tax income is indicative of...
Oct 2019
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Assessing regional variation in the effect of the removal of user fees on institutional deliveries in rural Zambia

Chitalu M. Chama-Chiliba and Steven F. Koch
This paper examines regional differences in the effect of user fee removal in rural areas of Zambia on the use of health institutions for delivery. The analysis uses quarterly longitudinal data covering 2003q1-2008q4. When unobserved heterogeneity, spatial dependence and quantitative supply-side...
Apr 2014
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