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Property rights


Measuring institutions during and after colonisation in Senegal (1819-2010)

Maty Konte and Elise Wong Sonne
Most of the widely used indicators of institutions have been criticised for the lack of objectivity in their construction and for their coverage of short time periods, especially for African countries. New objective indicators of de jure property rights, de jure political and civil rights, and de...
Aug 2017
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Why local context matters: de jure and de facto property rights in colonial South Africa

Christie Swanepoel and Johan Fourie
For economic transactions, including debt transactions, to occur in a market system, property rights are essential. The literature has focussed on finding empirical proof of the effect of property right regimes, noting differences between de jure and de facto property rights. Yet most of these...
Jul 2016
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A categorisation and evaluation of rhino management policies

Douglas J. Crookes and James N. Blignaut
Rhino populations are at a critical level and new approaches are needed to ensure their survival. This study conducts a review and categorisation of policies for the management of rhinos. Twenty seven policies are identified and classified into in situ (reserve based) and ex situ (market based)...
Mar 2015
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Property Rights, Institutions and Source of Fuel Wood in Rural Ethiopia

Abebe Beyene and Steven F. Koch
This study examines the relationship between property rights, defined by land tenure security and the strength of local-level institutions, and household demand for fuel wood, as measured by the source from which fuel wood is collected. A multinomial regression model is applied to survey data...
Sep 2011
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