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Shaking Out or Shaking In: The Impact of Zimbabwe's Economic Crisis on the Country's Manufacturing Sector Allocative Efficiency

Nicholas Masiyandima & Lawrence Edwards
Zimbabwe had one of the world's worst economic crises from the late 1990s to 2009. The crisis encompassed a nancial sector crisis, severe adverse investment and demand shocks and idiosyncratic rm and industry interventions by government. On the basis of the resource misallocation hypothesis, the...
Jun 2018
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Slave Prices and Productivity in the 18th Century at the Cape of Good Hope: The Winners and Losers from the Trade

Sophia Du Plessis, Ada Jansen and Dieter von Fintel
The question about the productivity of slavery is a strongly debated issue, for example in the USA the seminal work by Engerman and Fogel (1974), “Time on the Cross”, sparked a flurry of publications debating the issue from different angles. The debate about the economic worth of slaves in the Cape...
Oct 2013
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