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Risk Preferences and the Poverty Trap: A Look at Technology Uptake amongst Smallholder Farmers in the Matzikama Municipality

Hafsah Jumare, Martine Visser and Kerri Brick
A number of studies suggest the risk preference of low income individuals can result in behaviour that create conditions of sub optimal investment and thus persistent poverty. In this paper, we carry out a study with small-scale farmers in the Matzikama Municipality of the Western Cape, South...
Jan 2018
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“Sometimes you don't make enough to buy food” - an analysis of South African street waste pickers’ income

Viljoen JMM, Blaauw PF & Schenck CJ
In this paper we use income data of 873 street waste pickers in South Africa to assess whether their income is sufficient to make a living and to identify the possible factors that may influence their income. The results can assist policy makers to make informed decisions in designing and...
Apr 2016
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