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Relationship between education and households’ electricity-saving behaviour in South Africa: A multilevel logistic analysis

Kabeya Clement Mulamba
This paper investigates the relationship between the education level of household heads and households’ energy-saving practices at the micro-level in South Africa. It uses the community survey of 2016 as data source. Multilevel logistic models are estimated to account for heterogeneity that...
Jun 2021
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A fiscus for better economic and social development in South Africa

Francois J Stofberg, Jan H van Heerden, and Heinrich R Bohlmann
After showing that the bulk of government expenditure is unproductive, we consider the impact of an alternative fiscal policy mix in South Africa. The alternative suggests freezing the real government wage bill for five years and using the savings generated by this decision to increase spending on...
Aug 2020
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Remittances and sustainability of family livelihoods in Zimbabwe: Case Study of Chegutu Town

Syden Mishi and Lilymore Mudziwapasi
Zimbabwe had witnessed socio-economic challenges that resulted in mass exodus of its populace across its boarders mainly from the late 1990s. Migration can be individual or household strategy for survival and remittances play a role in transforming the household income. Making use of ordinary least...
Jun 2014
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