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Lifestyle and Income-related Inequality in Health in South Africa

Alfred Kechia Mukong, Corne Van Walbeek & Hana Ross
Evidence suggests that lifestyle factors may explain the income-related inequality in self-reported health. This paper expands this literature by examining the contribution of smoking and alcohol consumption, incorporating more objective measures of health directly associated with these lifestyle...
Apr 2017
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Southern African Customs Union Revenue, Public Expenditures and HIV/AIDS in BLNS Countries

Harold Ngalawa
This study sets out to investigate how revenue from the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) common revenue pool affect efforts to contain HIV/AIDS in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland (BLNS countries). Using a panel data set of the BLNS countries covering the period 1990-2007 in annual...
Aug 2013
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Heights and Development in a Cash-Crop Colony: Living Standards in Ghana, 1870-1980

Alexander Moradi, Gareth Austin and Jorg Baten
While Ghana is a classic case of economic growth in an agricultural‐export colony, scholars have queried whether it was sustained, and how far its benefits were widely distributed, socially and regionally. Using height as a measure of human well‐being we explore the evolution of living standards...
Jan 2013
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