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Gender Discrimination

Missing boys: Explaining South Africa’s unbalanced sex ratio, 1894-2011

Francisco J. Marco-Gracia and Johan Fourie
At the beginning of the twentieth century the sex ratio for South Africans differed markedly according to racial group. Those for white South Africans remained almost invariable, with more boys than girls, while black South Africans had a clear majority of girls, a situation that the literature has...
Nov 2019
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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Risk Aversion and Gender Discrimination in Assessment

Jason Hartford and Nic Spearman
This study exploits a natural experiment to evaluate the gender bias effect associated with negative marking due to gender-differentiated risk aversion. This approach avoids framing effects that characterize experimental evaluation of negative marking assessments. Evidence of a gender bias against...
Feb 2014
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