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Economic activity

Counting the cost of drought induced productivity losses in an agro-based economy: The case of Uganda

Nicholas Kilimani, Jan van Heerden, Heinrich Bohlmann, Louise Roos
Climate variability can affect economies directly through its impact on agricultural output, and indirectly, through its effect on the activities of down-stream industries and household welfare. This paper uses a Computable General Equilibrium model with a disaggregated agricultural sector to...
Jun 2016
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Vulnerability to climatic variability: An assessment of drought prevalence on water resources availability and implications for the Ugandan economy

Nicholas Kilimani
The volatile changes in climate are increasingly becoming a threat to many economies globally. This study assesses Uganda’s vulnerability to climatic variability in the context of how these volatile changes in climate are likely to affect long-run water resources availability. This is done by using...
Aug 2015
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