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Discrete choice experiment


Does 'price framing' influence empirical estimates in Discrete Choice Experiments: The case study for the South African wine industry

Lydia Chikumbi and Milan Scasny
The approach and survey used to examine non-market value in a stated preference study can influence the outcomes and impact the validity and reliability of value estimates. While prior research has investigated the impact of ' price framing' on decision-making in other disciplines, (i.e. marketing...
Jul 2022
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Determining Visitor Preferences for Rhinoceros Conservation Management at Private, Ecotourism Game Reserves in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa: A Choice Modeling Experiment

Deborah E Lee and Mario Du Preez
South Africa harbours 95 percent of the world’s threatened white rhinoceros (18 000) population and 40 percent of the critically endangered black rhinoceros (1 950) population. Increased levels of rhinoceros poaching in South Africa, and the imminent threat of extinction, has emphasized the need...
Feb 2015
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