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Efficiency in South African water utilities: a comparison of estimates from DEA, SFA and StoNED

Genius Murwirapachena, Jugal Mahabir, Richard Mulwa and Johane Dikgang
Climate change has brought renewed and increasing attention to the productivity and efficiency of the water sector. This has stimulated interest, which has manifested itself in the increased application of statistical tools to measure the productivity and efficiency of water utilities. Policymakers...
Apr 2019
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The Relative (in)Efficiency of South African Municipalities in Providing Public Health Care

Josue Mbonigaba and Saidou Baba Oumar
Previous studies in South Africa have not dis-aggregated efficiency analysis across municipalities which are health system components of the broader national health system. The purpose of this paper is therefore to assess whether the relative efficiency of South African municipalities in primary...
Oct 2014
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