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Environmental Economics: Technological Innovation


The Long-Term Effects of Early-Life Exposure to Weather Shocks: Evidence from Tanzania

Ermias Gebru Weldesenbet
We examine whether early-life exposure to rainfall shocks has a long-term impact on health, education, and the socioeconomic statuses of individuals in rural Tanzania, where livelihoods heavily depend on rain-fed agriculture. We use a unique panel of data from a Kagera Health and Development Survey...
Apr 2022
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Consumer Preferences for Genetically Modified Organisms in Cape Town: A Choice Experiment Approach

Benjamin Dovey and Herbert Ntuli
This paper reports a study done on Cape Town consumers, with the aim to understand how their purchasing decisions are shaped with respect to GMOs. A choice experiment approach was used to examine consumer preferences for biotechnology products in the food market. Four models were run to analyse the...
Jul 2020
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Will Technological Change Save the World? The Rebound Effect in International Transfers of Technology

Mare Sarr and Tim Swanson
Technological change and its transfer to developing countries is often portrayed by policy-makers as a critical part of the solution to a resource problem such as climate change, based on the assumption that the transfer of resource-conserving technologies to developing countries will result in...
Feb 2017
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