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Land Ownership and Tenure; Land Reform; Land Use; Irrigation; Agriculture and Environment

Small-scale farming and food security: the enabling role of cash transfers in South Africa’s former homelands

Dieter von Fintel and Louw Pienaar
Cash transfers successfully alleviate poverty in many developing countries. South Africa is a case in point, implementing one of the largest unconditional cash transfer programmes internationally, and with substantial benefits to household well-being along multiple dimensions. Yet, grants...
Nov 2016
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Agriculture and adaptation to climate change: The Role of wildlife ranching in South Africa

Jackson Otieno and Edwin Muchapondwa
In this paper, we explored the role of wildlife in adaptation to climate change in areas predominantly used for livestock production in South Africa. Using a sample of 1071 wildlife and livestock farms we estimated a multinomial choice model of various adaptation options including livestock and...
Feb 2016
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An Economic Analysis of Climate Change and Wildlife Utilization on Private Land: Evidence from Wildlife Ranching in South Africa

Jackson Otieno and Edwin Muchapondwa
Wildlife ranching is emerging as a new frontier for wildlife conservation and alternative land use to agriculture in Southern Africa marginal areas. But wildlife sector also faces climate related challenges. In this study, we investigated the effects of climate change on the revenues of wildlife...
Oct 2015
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Land Use in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Jean Luc Erero, Daniel Djauhari Pambudi, and Bonga Bonga Lumengo
This paper examines the effects of land use in the DRC through the application of DRC formal-informal sector computable general equilibrium model, developed with the 2007 DRC Social Accounting Matrix. Two policy options are analysed. Firstly, the hypothetical policy change introduced in the short...
Dec 2013
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Property Rights, Institutions and Source of Fuel Wood in Rural Ethiopia

Abebe Beyene and Steven F. Koch
This study examines the relationship between property rights, defined by land tenure security and the strength of local-level institutions, and household demand for fuel wood, as measured by the source from which fuel wood is collected. A multinomial regression model is applied to survey data...
Sep 2011
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Can the restrictive harvest period policy conserve mopane worms in Southern Africa? A bio-economic modelling approach

Wisdom Akpalu, Edwin Muchapondwa & Precious Zikhali
Imbrasia Belina also known as the mopane worm, like other edible insects and caterpillars, is a vital source of protein to Southern African countries. The worms live and graze on mopane trees, which occupy agricultural land. With increasing commercialization of the worm, the management of the worm...
Oct 2007
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