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Technological Change; Research and Development; Intellectual Property Rights: General


Building a competitive and dynamic green industrial sector in South Africa after COVID-19

Tendai Gwatidzo and Witness Simbanegavi
COVID-19 gave the world a glimpse of how devastating a pandemic can be to economies and livelihoods. Climate change, given its permanence, would be far more devastating, hence the renewed efforts at the global level to mitigate climate change. South Africa, one of the dirtiest producers in the...
Jun 2021
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Impact of technological progress on carbon emissions in different country income groups

Chris Belmert Milindi, Roula Inglesi-Lotz
This study examines the complex relationship between carbon emissions and technological progress in a sample of 60 countries, divided into four categories based on their per capita income between the periods of 1989-2018. For robustness purposes and due to the broad definition of technology, we use...
Mar 2021
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Financial Development and the Diffusion of Technologies under Uncertainty in Africa

Zivanemoyo Chinzara
Using novel measures of technology diffusion and adoption developed by Comin and Hobijn (2012), we examine the role of finance in the timing of adoption and the diffusion of thirteen sectoral technologies in 44 Sub-Saharan Africa countries. These technologies cover sectors such as agriculture,...
Oct 2014
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