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Indicators of Political and Economic Institutions in Tanzania: 1884 - 2008

B.P. Zaaruka and J.W. Fedderke
This paper is part of series of studies focusing on the measurement and definition of institutions. This paper presents a database on institutional measures for Tanzania for the period 1884 to 2008. These indicators are used to assess the nature of political and economic institutional...
Aug 2011
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Alternative indices of political freedoms, property rights, and political instability for Zambia

J.W. Fedderke, I. Lourenco, F. Gwenhamo
This paper presents new institutional measures for Zambia. Coverage is of political rights and freedoms, of property rights, and of political instability. The sample period is from 1947 to 2007. Comparison of the indices with directly comparable Zimbabwean and Malawian series, shows strong sources...
Mar 2011
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Measuring Institutions: Indicators of Political Rights, Property Rights and Political Instability in Malawi

Johannes Fedderke and Julia Garlick
This paper aims to construct a new set of institutional indicators for Malawi. Our political freedom index correlates strongly with the Freedom House political rights and civil liberties indices, but consists of a far longer time series, which can be used to examine long-run issues with greater...
Jan 2010
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Does Human Generate Social and Institutional Capital? Exploring Evidence From Time Series Data in a Middle Income Country

Johannes Fedderke and John Luiz
This paper presents an analysis of the interaction of human capital investment and the development of social and political institutions. We find that human capital matters - for growth through its quality dimension; for distributional conflict by raising political aspirations. But human capital...
Mar 2005
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