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Economic Development: General


Government Religious Preference and Intrastate Conflict

Eduard van der Merwe, Carolyn Chisadza and Matthew Clance
Understanding the causes and consequences of conflicts continues to be an important contribution to the economic development literature, particularly the mechanisms that can reduce civilian deaths. We contribute to understanding attacks on civilians and the spillover effects by analysing the impact...
Aug 2021
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Aid Volatility and Structural Economic Transformation in sub-Saharan Africa: Does Finance Matter?

Emmanuel Kumi, Muazu Ibrahim & Thomas Yeboah
This paper departs from the traditional aid–economic growth studies through its examination of the impact of aid and its volatility on sectoral growth by relying on panel dataset of 37 sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries for the period 1980–2014. Findings from our system generalised methods of...
Jan 2017
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Globalisation and Conflict: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Carolyn Chisadza and Manoel Bittencourt
Stephen Pinker (2011) advances that various forms of violence such as homicide, rape, torture and con‡ict have decreased over time because of the following historical shifts in soci ety: paci…cation process, civilising process, humanitarian and rights revolutions, and extended periods of peace. We...
Sep 2016
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The Impact of the Slave Trade on Literacy in Africa: Evidence from the Colonial Era

Nonso Obikili
Recent studies have highlighted the importance of Africa's history of slave exporting to its current economic development. In this paper I show that differences in investment in education may be one of the channels through which that history has affected current development. I combine data on...
Oct 2013
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Yet Another Look at the Modernisation Hypothesis: Evidence from South America

Manoel Bittencourt
We investigate in this paper whether the exogenous version of the modernisation hypothesis holds in South America, or whether democracy needs development for its own consolidation. We use a sample of all nine countries that re-democratised in the last thirty years or so and the data sets cover two...
Mar 2013
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Heights and Development in a Cash-Crop Colony: Living Standards in Ghana, 1870-1980

Alexander Moradi, Gareth Austin and Jorg Baten
While Ghana is a classic case of economic growth in an agricultural‐export colony, scholars have queried whether it was sustained, and how far its benefits were widely distributed, socially and regionally. Using height as a measure of human well‐being we explore the evolution of living standards...
Jan 2013
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Does Famine Matter For Aggregate Adolescent Human Capital Acquisition In Sub-Saharan Africa?

Julius A. Agbor and Gregory N. Price
To the extent that in utero and childhood malnutrition negatively affects later stage mental and physical health, it can possibly constrain later stage human capital acquisition, which is an important driver of economic growth. This paper considers the impact of famine on aggregate adolescent human...
Dec 2012
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