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Substitution between fixed and mobile data amidst high levels of poverty and inequality

Ryan Hawthrone and Lukasz Grzybowski
Mobile broadband is the main means of connecting to the internet in developing countries, where fixed-line coverage is typically limited or non-existent. As a result, governments in developing countries are seeking means by which mobile broadband penetration might be increased. Footwear
Sep 2019
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Narrowing the ‘digital divide’: the role of complementarities between fixed and mobile data in South Africa

Ryan Hawthrone and Lukasz Grzybowksi
We study substitution between fixed and mobile broadband services in South Africa using survey data on 134,000 individuals between 2009 and 2014. In our discrete-choice model, individuals choose fixed or mobile and data services in a framework that allows them to be substitutes or complements. We...
Sep 2019
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Benefits of regulation vs competition where inequality is high: The case of mobile telephony in South Africa

Ryan Hawthrone and Lukasz Grzybowksi
We test for the distributional effects of regulation and entry in the mobile telecommunications sector in a highly unequal country, South Africa. Using six waves of a consumer survey of over 134,000 individuals between 2009-2014, we estimate a discrete-choice model allowing for individual-specific...
Aug 2019
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The Impact of Telecommunication Regulatory Policy on Mobile Retail Price in Sub-Saharan African Countries

Onkokame Mothobi
This paper examines the eect of regulatory policies on mobile retail prices. Using quar terly data for 8 African countries for the period 2010:Q4 to 2014:Q4 we estimate structural demand and supply equations. We nd that mobile termination rates (MTR) have signif icant positive impact on mobile...
Feb 2017
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The role of network effects and consumer heterogeneity in adoption of mobile phones: evidence from South Africa

Lukasz Grzybowski
In this paper we analyze the role of network effects and consumer heterogeneity in the adoption of mobile phones. We estimate the decision to adopt a mobile phone using panel survey data of South African households between the years 2008 and 2012, which includes interviews with all adult household...
Jun 2015
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Asymmetry and discrimination in internet peering evidence from the LINX

A D’Ignazio and E Giovannetti
Is the quality of interconnection between Internet operators affected by their asymmetry? While recent game theoretic literature provides contrasting answers to this question, there is a lack of empirical research. We introduce a novel dataset based on Internet routing policies, and study the...
Nov 2008
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