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Mining, Extraction, and Refining: Other Nonrenewable Resources


Foreign Direct Investment and the Internationalisation of South African Mining Companies into Africa

John Luiz and Meshal Ruplal
The paper investigates the factors influencing the internationalisation of mining firms into Africa and the strategies employed. We focus on the FDI of South African mining firms because of the dominance of this country in the extractive resources industry for over a century. A semi-structured...
Nov 2010
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Price Elasticities and Pricing Power in Emerging Markets: The Case of Petrochemicals Derived Plastics in South Africa

Johannes Fedderke and Witness Simbanegavi
This paper examines whether there necessarily exists a conflict between allocative and productive efficiency in small open economy markets. That productive efficiency favours market concentration is not in dispute, and the sole question we face is whether allocative efficiency suffers under high...
May 2008
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