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South African manufacturing industry structure and its implications for competition policy

Johannes Fedderke and Witness Simbanegavi
This paper surveys the literature on the manufacturing sector in South Africa, focusing on concentration and markup levels, with a view to inform policy. The literature has employed a number of different measures of industrial concentration, namely, the Gini and Rosenbluth indices, the Occupancy...
Dec 2008
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An Analysis of Industry Concentration in South African Manufacturing, 1972-2001

Johannes Fedderke and Dietmar Naumann
This paper explores the trends in industry concentration of the South African manufacturing industry over the period from 1972 - 2001, with a primary focus on developments post 1996. Across all sectors of the manufacturing industry, concentration is found to have decreased. The analysis of...
Sep 2005
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Industry Concentration in South African Manufacturing Industry: Trends and Consequences, 1972-96

Johannes Fedderke & Gabor Szalontai
This paper examines industry concentration for the South African manufacturing sector over the 1972-1996 period, for the three digit industry classification. The paper notes both the high level of industry concentration in South African manufacturing, and a rising trend in concentration across a...
Sep 2012
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