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Production, Pricing, and Market Structure; Size Distribution of Firms


Impact of Crime on Firm Entry: Evidence from South Africa

Godfrey Mahofa, Asha Sundaram and Lawrence Edwards
In this paper, we analyse the relationship between crime and the entry of firms across local municipalities in South Africa. We use data on the incidence of crime, sourced from the South African Police Service, and a unique database of business registrations over the period 2003 to 2011, to show...
Dec 2016
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Trade Liberalization, Rival Exporters and Reallocation of Production: An Analysis of Indian Manufacturing

Lawrence Edwards and Asha Sundaram
Employing a difference-in-difference estimation technique on firm-level data on Indian exporters, we show that the removal of US textile and apparel quotas was associated with a relative increase in sales of products where India was previously quota-restricted, but a relative decrease in sales of...
Jun 2015
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Price Elasticities and Pricing Power in Emerging Markets: The Case of Petrochemicals Derived Plastics in South Africa

Johannes Fedderke and Witness Simbanegavi
This paper examines whether there necessarily exists a conflict between allocative and productive efficiency in small open economy markets. That productive efficiency favours market concentration is not in dispute, and the sole question we face is whether allocative efficiency suffers under high...
May 2008
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An Analysis of Industry Concentration in South African Manufacturing, 1972-2001

Johannes Fedderke and Dietmar Naumann
This paper explores the trends in industry concentration of the South African manufacturing industry over the period from 1972 - 2001, with a primary focus on developments post 1996. Across all sectors of the manufacturing industry, concentration is found to have decreased. The analysis of...
Sep 2005
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Industry Concentration in South African Manufacturing Industry: Trends and Consequences, 1972-96

Johannes Fedderke & Gabor Szalontai
This paper examines industry concentration for the South African manufacturing sector over the 1972-1996 period, for the three digit industry classification. The paper notes both the high level of industry concentration in South African manufacturing, and a rising trend in concentration across a...
Sep 2012
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