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Analysis of Education

Gender and Birth Order Effects on Intra-household Schooling Choices and Education Attainments in Kenya

Fredrick M. Wamalwa & Justine Burns
In this paper, we investigate the effect of two important family characteristics- gender and birth orde r-on intra-household investments in , and educational outcomes of, children in Kenya. We measure intra-household education investments in children by household's decision to enrol children in...
Sep 2017
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Birth Order Effects on Educational Attainment and Child Labour: Evidence from Lesotho

Ramaele Moshoeshoe
This paper examines the effect of birth order on educational attainment and child labour in Lesotho. Using family fixed effects models, I find robust negative birth order effects on educational attainment and child labour. The birth order effects on educa tional attainment are in sharp contrast...
Jul 2016
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Average and Heterogeneous Effects of Class Size on Educational Achievement in Lesotho

Ramaele Moshoeshoe
Understanding class size effects on educational achievement remains a preoccupation of many economists. But empirical results are, to this far, still inconclusive. I use the two-stage least squares and the instrumental variable quantile regression methods on Lesotho’s grade 6 students maths and...
Feb 2015
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The Effects of Teacher Strike Activity on Student Learning in South African Primary Schools

Gabrielle Wills
This paper investigates whether teacher strikes affect student achievement at the primary school level in South Africa. A cross-subject analysis with student fixed effects is used to eliminate sources of endogeneity bias at the school and student level. Results indicate that teacher strike...
Jan 2014
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Measuring the impact of educational interventions on the academic performance of academic development students in second-year microeconomics

Leonard C. Smith and Vimal Ranchhod
This paper analyses the impact of educational interventions made in the first-and second-year microeconomics courses on academic development students' final mark in the second-year course. It also addresses issues of methodology, specification, and statistical analysis with respect to other studies...
Sep 2010
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English Language Proficiency and Earnings in a Developing Country: The Case of South Africa

Daniela Casale and Dorrit Posel
In this paper we explore the relationship between English language proficiency and earnings in South Africa, using new data from the first wave of the National Income Dynamics panel survey of 2008. Much of the literature on this topic has studied the impact on earnings of host country language...
Jun 2010
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Climate Change Disaster Management: Mitigation and Adaptation in a Public Goods Framework

Reviva Hasson, Åsa Löfgren and Martine Visser
This paper explores the collective action problem as it relates to climate change and develops two models that capture the mitigation/adaptation trade-off. The first model presents climate change as a certain disaster, while the second models climate change as a stochastic event. A one-shot public...
May 2010
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