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National Government Expenditures and Related Policies: Infrastructures; Other Public Investment and Capital Stock


Public Infrastructure Provision and Ethnic Favouritism: Evidence from South Africa

Leone Walters, Manoel Bittencourt and Carolyn Chisadza
Does ethnic favouritism in administrative governments affect public infrastructure provision? While previous literature has studied the effects of ethnic favouritism on economic growth and development determinants, there has been limited empirical evidence on ethnic favouritism in public...
Jul 2019
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The Origin of Extractive States in Africa: The Case of the British Cape Colony, 1834-1909

Abel Gwaindepi and Johan Fourie
The majority of African states continue to be regarded as extractive states. We use the Cape Colony's public expenditure to account for the emergence of extractive states in Africa. With a sub-imperial role for Southern African colonial expansion, the Cape Colony became a template for extractive...
May 2019
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Fiscal stimulus in a global zero lower bound environment

Fernando Garcia-Barragan and Guangling Liu
This paper investigates the effect of fiscal stimulus from an emerging market economy perspective. The model captures the signicant decline in China's net exports and remarkable quantity of resources that the Chinese government invested into the economy through state-owned enterprises in the...
Aug 2018
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Does Infrastructure Really Explain Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Odongo Kodongo and Kalu Ojah
In the light of Africa’s palpable deficit in public infrastructure, we use System GMM to estimate a model of economic growth augmented by an infrastructure variable, for a panel of 45 Sub-Saharan African countries, over the period 2000-2011. We find that it is the spending on infrastructure and...
Dec 2016
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The Experience of Private Investment in the South African Water Sector: The Mbombela Concession

Sugen Chetty and John M. Luiz
South Africa is a water-stressed country that over a protracted period has suffered from poor water service delivery. The major problems are inefficient operations, lack of capacity in spending allocated budgets, unclear management structures, and a long term decline in capital expenditure...
May 2014
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Forecasting Investment Needs in South Africa’s Electricity and Telecom Sectors

Željko Bogetic and Johannes W. Fedderke
The paper uses a 52-country panel-data for the period 1980-2002 to estimate demand for electricity and telecom services and, based on these estimates, project investment needs in South Africa through 2010 for two growth scenarios. Projections of average annual investment needs in electricity and...
Apr 2006
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