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Multinational Firms; International Business

Foreign market selection of emerging multinational corporations: evidence from South African and Egyptian corporations

Mustafa Sakr and Andre Jordaan
As literature remains sparse regarding emerging African multinational corporations (EAMNCs), this article focuses on examining the key pull factors (i.e. host country macroeconomic specifications) influencing the foreign market selection of South African and Egyptian multinational corporations as a...
May 2017
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The impact of home and host country institutions in the internationalization of an African multinational enterprise

John M. Luiz, Dustin Stringfellow and Anthea Jefthas
We demonstrate that firms can exploit their knowledge of ‘weak’ institutional settings and turn it into a source of advantage as they internationalize into locations with similar institutional ‘weaknesses.’ Using the case of one Africa’s most successful multinational enterprises we illustrate the...
Jan 2017
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Determinants of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions Targeting Africa: 1991-2011

MK Wilson and DJM Vencatachellum
The fast output growth that a number of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa have achieved in the last decade has led to significant inflow of FDI into the continent. A number of studies have examined the trend of such FDI inflows generally but only a few have focused on these flows that are mainly...
Apr 2016
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The Expected Well-being of Urban Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Johannesburg

Talita Greyling
The influx of asylum seekers and refugees from across Africa to democratic South Africa has increased significantly. The aim of this paper is to determine the factors that influence the ‘expected well-being’ of this unique group. ‘Expected well-being’ is an important determinant of both the...
Mar 2015
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Profiling Sectoral Risks of Foreign Direct Investment in Africa

Henri Bezuidenhout, Zahné Coetzee and Carike Claassen
Despite Africa’s exceptional FDI performance during the past decade, the majority of FDI inflows have been directed to a few selected countries. As investors face many risks when investing in developing countries, it is argued that risk perception plays a vital role in the FDI inflows into Africa...
Jan 2014
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The Strategic Location of Regional Headquarters for Multinationals in Africa

John M. Luiz and Busi Radebe
The study investigates the criteria used by multinational companies to identify the locations of their African regional headquarters (RHQs) and the importance that multinational companies assign to the respective regional offices. We find that multinationals do assign value to their RHQs but are...
Mar 2012
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Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment of South African Telecommunications Firms into Sub-Saharan Africa

John M. Luiz and Henry Stephan
The study investigates the main factors considered by South African telecommunications firms when making a decision to undertake Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This encompasses the reasons for investing, the methods of entry into the identified market and the factors...
Jun 2011
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Foreign Direct Investment and the Internationalisation of South African Mining Companies into Africa

John Luiz and Meshal Ruplal
The paper investigates the factors influencing the internationalisation of mining firms into Africa and the strategies employed. We focus on the FDI of South African mining firms because of the dominance of this country in the extractive resources industry for over a century. A semi-structured...
Nov 2010
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