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Single Equation Models; Single Variables: Truncated and Censored Models; Switching Regression Models

Recreation Demand and Optimal Pricing for International Visitors to Kruger National Park

Samson Mukanjari, Edwin Muchapondwa & Eyoual Demeke
Sustainable financing of conservation is a key challenge in developing countries, due to competing needs. Increasingly, national parks are expected to undertake local community development - at a time when the conservation mandate and threats to conservation have increased signicantly, while...
May 2018
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Pricing of National Park Visits in Kenya: The Case of Lake Nakuru National Park

Peter Chacha, Edwin Muchapondwa, Anthony Wambugu and Daniel Abala
This study analyses the factors influencing pricing of National Park visits in Kenya. A two step regression procedure is used to develop a pricing mechanism for Lake Nakuru National Park (LNNP). In the first stage, count data models are applied to estimate the Trip generating function to LNNP and...
Jul 2013
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The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Efficiency and Productivity of the Banking System in South Africa

Andrew Maredza and Sylvanus Ikhide
South Africa‘s financial sector is believed to have weathered the contagion and catastrophic effects of the 2008 world wide financial crisis partly on account of a sound regulatory framework and solid macroeconomic policies. In this paper, we seek to measure efficiency and productivity changes...
Jan 2013
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