Monash Prizewinners 2008

19 August 2022

The Department of Economics at Monash South Africa held its first ERSA sponsored prize function on Wednesday 21 October in Hot Spot a popular venue on the campus. Monash only introduced an Economics major in 2007 and the first group of third years will graduate at the end of 2009. So the honorary guests at the function included the best performing 1st and 2nd year Economics students of 2008, the first group of 3rd year Monash Economics students and all the other dignitaries on campus.

The prize winners were:

Best first year Economics student in 2008: Musondo Chisanga
Second best first year Economics student in 2008: Koketso Moseki
Best first 2nd year Economics student in 2008: Owen Walmsley
Second best 2nd year Economics student in 2008: Vivian Mtatifikolo.

2008 prize winners that major in Economics. From left to right Koketso, Vivian, Owen. (Musondo is majoring in Accounting)
Koketso Moseki, Joel Hinaunya Eita and Maylene Damoense
Maylene Damoense, Musondo Chisanga and Joel Hinaunya Eita
Vivian Mtatifikolo, Maylene Damoense and Joel Hinaunya Eita
Maylene Damoense, Owen Walmsley and Joel Hinaunya Eita
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