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Second Annual Econometrics Workshop: Bayesian Statistics in Econometrics

04 Dec 2015 to 05 Dec 2015
Monkey Valley Resort, Cape Town
Invited Speaker: Professor Donald B. Rubin (Harvard) At the first ERSA Econometrics Workshop, one of the key areas identified for strengthening within Southern African econometric research was that of Bayesian statistics. In essence, the Bayesian paradigm is concerned with updating prior model...
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Microsimulation Modelling

12 Nov 2015 to 13 Nov 2015
On 12-13 November 2015 the Public Economics Working Group of Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) in partnership with the South African Revenue Service intends to host an empirically practical, hands-on micro-simulation model workshop with participants mainly from national and provincial...
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Call for Papers: 4th International Workshop on the Economics of Competition and Industrial Organization

07 Sep 2015 to 08 Sep 2015
High Constantia Conference Centre, Cape Town, South Africa
Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA) funds annual workshops to promote research in industrial organization and competition policy in South Africa and beyond. Previous keynote speakers include Daniel Rubinfeld and Luke Froeb. The upcoming workshop will focus on the economics of collusion, with...
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An ERSA Research Workshop: Longitudinal Data in African History

27 May 2015 to 29 May 2015
Stellenbosch, Cape Town
The study of African economic history has reached a tipping point. With few exceptions, quantitative investigations into Africa’s economic past were limited to the study of aggregated macro-economic variables – production, taxation and exports – published in colonial reports and available in the...
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An ERSA Research Workshop: The fiscal history of sub-Saharan Africa

25 May 2015 to 26 May 2015
Stellenbosch, Cape Town
The public finances of African governments in the colonial and post-independence periods have been the subject of substantial new research in recent years. Within the broader field of African economic history, the fiscal history of the continent has yielded insights into the capacity and aims of...
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CALL FOR PAPERS: 3rd International Workshop on the Economics of Competition and Industrial Organization

09 Mar 2015 to 10 Mar 2015
The aim of the workshop is to consider theoretical and empirical advances in the economics of competition. Previous workshops included a mix of applied microeconomics and industrial organization research, but theoretical work is also welcome. The aim of the workshop is to afford researchers the...
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Imperfect Labour Markets

19 Feb 2015 to 20 Feb 2015
Newlands, Cape Town
Imperfect Labour Markets When: Thursday 19 th February – Friday 20 th February 2015 Where: Cape Town (venue to be confirmed) We are delighted to welcome as the guest speaker at this event Professor Jan van Ours of Tilburg University. Prof van Ours is the co-author (with Professor Tito Boeri) of the...
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ERSA Lecture Series in Economic Theory: “Knightian Uncertainty in Economics and Finance”

18 Feb 2015 to 19 Feb 2015
Lecturer: Professor Frank Riedel (University of Bielefeld, Germany) Topic: Knightian uncertainty plays a fundamental role in recent years, both in economic policy as in economic theory. Knightian uncertainty refers here to situations in which the probabilities of relevant outcomes are not known...
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