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Working Papers

An Analysis of Industry Concentration in South African Manufacturing, 1972-2001

Johannes Fedderke and Dietmar Naumann
This paper explores the trends in industry concentration of the South African manufacturing industry over the period from 1972 - 2001, with a primary focus on developments post 1996. Across all sectors of the manufacturing industry, concentration is found to have decreased. The analysis of...
Sep 2005
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Governance, Incentives and Elections as Determinants of Economic Performance, Aid and Investment Flows

Al Bhimani & Mthuli Ncube
Scholars have focused their efforts to explain poor growth and development in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa, and parts of Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, using arguments based on quality of institutions and geography and the structure and process of resource allocation and endowment...
Sep 2006
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Industry Concentration in South African Manufacturing Industry: Trends and Consequences, 1972-96

Johannes Fedderke & Gabor Szalontai
This paper examines industry concentration for the South African manufacturing sector over the 1972-1996 period, for the three digit industry classification. The paper notes both the high level of industry concentration in South African manufacturing, and a rising trend in concentration across a...
Sep 2012
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Fractionalization and Long-Run Economic Growth: Webs and Direction of Association between the Economic and the Social – South Africa as a Time Series Case Study

Johannes Fedderke and John Luiz
Recent cross sectional growth studies have found that ethnolinguistic fractionalization is an important explanatory variable of long-run growth performance. In the present paper we follow the call of earlier studies to conduct a more detailed clinical analysis of the growth experience of a specific...
Sep 2006
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Evaluating the general equilibrium effects of a wage subsidy scheme for South Africa

Kalie Pauw & Lawrence Edwards
Unemployment among semi- and unskilled workers has reached severe proportions (over 50 %) and threatens the political and economic stability of the South African economy. In this paper a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model of the South African economy to assess the economy-wide impact of a...
Sep 2006
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Macroeconomic News 'Surprises' and the Rand/Dollar Exchange Rate

Johannes Fedderke and Philippe Flamand
Economic theory in the context of floating exchange rates has focussed on underlying medium and long term direction of exchange rate movements. Daily volatility is less well understood. One theory that offers an explanation for short term exchange rate movements is that of the efficient market...
Mar 2005
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