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Working Papers

The male marital earnings premium in the context of bridewealth payments: Evidence from South Africa

Daniela Casale and Dorrit Posel
This study explores the nature of the marital earnings premium for African men in South Africa using the September 2004 Labour Force Survey and the Labour Force Survey Panel (2001 - 2004). We show that a robust and positive premium to marriage in cross-sectional estimations is substantially reduced...
Sep 2007
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Schooling as a Lottery: Racial Differences in School Advancement in Urban South Africa

David Lam, Cally Ardington and Murray Leibbrandt
This paper develops a stochastic model of grade repetition to analyze the large racial differences in progress through secondary school in South Africa. The model predicts that a larger stochastic component in the link between learning and measured performance will generate higher enrollment,...
Aug 2007
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The Spatial Distribution of Manufacturing in South Africa 1970-1996, its Determinants and Policy Implications

Johannes Fedderke and Alexandra Wollnik
This paper researches the change in regional specialisation and industry concentration in South African (SA) manufacturing 1970-96, and evaluates possible determinants of industry location. No evident trend towards greater regional specialisation or despecialisation emerges over most of the period...
Jun 2007
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Can local communities in Zimbabwe be trusted with wildlife management?: Evidence from contingent valuation of elephants

Edwin Muchapondwa, Fredrik Carlsson and Gunmar Köhlin
If local communities living adjacent to the elephant see it as a burden, then they cannot be trusted to be its stewards. To assess their valuation of it, a CVM study was conducted for one CAMPFIRE district in Zimbabwe. Respondents were classified according to their preferences over the elephant...
Dec 2006
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Forecasting the South African Economy: A DSGE-VAR Approach

Guangling ‘Dave’ Liu, Rangan Gupta and Eric Schaling
This paper develops an estimable hybrid model that combines the micro-founded DSGE model with the flexibility of the theoretical VAR model. The model is estimated via the maximum likelihood technique based on quarterly data on real Gross National Product (GNP), consumption, investment and hours...
Jul 2007
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Synchronization between South Africa and the U.S.: A Structural Dynamic Factor Analysis

Alain Kabundi
This paper studies the synchronization of economic variables between South Africa and the US. In addition it examines transmission channels through which supply and demand shocks from the US effect economic activity in South Africa. We use a structural dynamic factor model approach, instead of the...
Jul 2007
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The Price of Risk on the JSE

Nick Samouilhan
This paper investigates domestic risk-return behaviour by focussing on the intertemporal relationship between the conditional domestic equity market premium, its conditional variance and its conditional covariance with the international equity market. The paper finds that the domestic equity market...
Jan 2006
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The Direct Productivity Impact of Infrastructure Investment: Dynamic Panel Data Evidence From Sub Saharan Africa

Ibrahim Bun Kamara
The paper aimed at isolating the direct productivity of economic infrastructure using a production function approach. Based on an extension of endogenous growth theory with public finance, infrastructure could have either a negative or positive effect on economic growth. The empirical analysis...
Mar 2007
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