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Working Papers

Teacher Pay and Educational Outcomes: Evidence from the Rural Hardship Allowance in Zambia

Grieve Chelwa, Miquel Pellicer, Mashekwa Maboshe
This paper studies the effect of unconditional teacher salary increases on teacher and student outcomes. To study the issue, we evaluate the rural hardship allowance in Zambia, which corresponds to a salary increase of 20%. This allowance is allocated to schools on the basis of a distance criterion...
Oct 2018
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"The Power of Nudging: Using Feedback, Competition and Responsibility Assignment to Save Electricity in a Non-Residential Setting”

Rebecca Klege, Martine Visser, Saugato Datta, Matthew Darling
We use behavioural insights to design nudges leveraging social comparison and assignment of responsibility aimed at reducing electricity consumption in a large provincial government office building with 24 floors. Results from a randomized control trial show that floors participating in a treatment...
Sep 2018
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Determinants of tax revenue performance in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)

Michael Ade, Jannie Rossouw and Tendai Gwatidzo
This paper investigates the determinants of tax revenue performance in all 15 Southern African Development Community countries during 1990-2010, using panel data. The investigation makes use of two estimation techniques in testing for country specificity. These are the least squares dummy variables...
Aug 2018
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Female household headship and poverty in South Africa: an employment-based analysis

Chijioke O. Nwosu and Catherine Ndinda
Female household headship is generally associated with higher poverty incidence relative to male headship. Female headship has generally been on the increase in South Africa. And while generally declining over the post-apartheid period, poverty has increased in the recent past. South Africa also...
Aug 2018
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Emigration and education: the schooling of the left behind in Nigeria

Biniam Bedasso, Ermias Gebru Weldesenbet and Nonso Obikili
The potential effects of migration on the welfare of the left behind consist in an important part of the debate around migration. In this paper we use data from the World Bank's migration and remittance household survey to examine the impact of family migration on educational attainment. Because...
Aug 2018
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Regional economic effects of changes in South Africa's electricity generation mix

Bohlmann, H.R., Horridge, J.M., Inglesi-Lotz, R., Roos, E.L. & Stander, L.
This paper examines the long-run regional economic effects within South Africa of changing the electricity-generation mix away from coal. We use a regional CGE model of South Africa to conduct our analysis. The results of our simulations suggest that the effect of the policy is sensitive to other...
Aug 2018
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Can creditor bail-in trigger contagion? The experience of an emerging market

Roy Havemann
The successful bail-in of creditors in African Bank, a small South African monoline lender, provides an opportunity to evaluate the intended and unintended consequences of new resolution tools. Using a data set that matches quarterly, daily and nancial-instrument level data, I show that the bail-in...
Jul 2018
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