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Policy Papers


Higher Education

Charles Simkins
Statistical information on the output of universities and technikons is set out before the description of extensive policy development in higher education since 1995. These developments are assessed against a changing pattern of Senior Certificate passes and enrolments. The production of teachers...
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From Chimera to Prospect: South African Sources of and Constraints on Long-Term Growth, 1970-2000

J. W. Fedderke
The paper takes stock of South Africa’s past growth experience during the period 1970-2000. It discuses major factors of growth, including physical and human capital, and institutions, and draws conclusions about the constraints to long-run growth in the future. We highlight three main conclusions...
Jan 2006
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State pension payouts boost migrant job prospects for household members

Cally Ardington, Anne Case and Victoria Hosegood
Large cash transfers to elderly South Africans, in the form of government pensions, boost the job prospects of working-age members of their households. In particular, men and women between the ages of 18 and 50, who live in a household with a pensioner, are more likely to become migrant workers...
Feb 2011
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