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Policy Papers

Policy Change and Economic Growth: A Case Study of South Africa

David Faulkner and Christopher Loewald
South Africa’s growth experience provides an example of how contrasting growth trends - long-term decline followed by improved growth - pivot around political change, in this case a transition to democracy. In the decade prior to 1994, South Africa experienced the worst period of economic growth...
Oct 2008
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The impact of tobacco advertising bans on consumption - a cross country approach including developing countries

Evan Blecher
Tobacco advertising bans have become commonplace in developed nations but are less prevalent in developing countries. The importance of advertising bans as part of comprehensive tobacco control strategies has been emphasised by the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control which calls for...
Jul 2008
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Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth in South Africa: A review of the accumulated evidence

Johannes Fedderke and Rob Garlick
This paper provides a broad overview of the relationship between infrastructure and growth, focusing on the South African case. The paper develops an intuitive theoretical framework in which to analyse this relationship, identifying five specific channels through which infrastructure may effect...
May 2008
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Day labourers, unemployment and socio-economic development in South Africa

A C Harmse, P F Blaauw and C J Schenck
One of the most visible forms of unemployment is the men who stand at the side of the road or on corners every day, waiting for any job that may come their way. Blaauw, Louw and Schenck (2006) estimated that there are nearly 1000 places in South Africa where people are picked up and a minimum of...
Jan 2008
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Official Revisions to SA National Accounts Data: Magnitudes and Implications

Corne van Walbeek
This paper investigates the bias and dispersion in official revisions of eight national accounting growth rates. The growth in GDP, consumption expenditure and personal disposable income by households has been subject to significant upward revisions and bias, especially after 1994. No significant...
Dec 2006
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The Importance of Courts for Trade Credit in East African Manufacturing Firms

Sheshangai Kaniki
This paper examines the importance of courts for trade credit amongst manufacturing firms in the East African community (EAC). The paper finds that high enforcement costs do not deter the use of courts to settle disputes associated with trade credit. The analysis suggests that when courts function...
Nov 2006
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International Financial Architecture, Macroeconomic Volatility and Institutions: South Africa Experience

Melvin Ayogu and Hashem Dezhbakhsh
Through 43 years of history, this study identifies proximate causes of aggregate volatility in South Africa, the obstacles to managing those volatility risks, and suggests how the country can harness globalization to strengthen financial institutions in order to manage risks better. Macroeconomic...
Dec 2005
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International Benchmarking of South Africa’s Infrastructure Performance

Željko Bogetic and Johannes W. Fedderke
The paper provides a first systematic, comprehensive benchmarking of South Africa's infrastructure performance in four major sectors - electricity, water and sanitation, information and communication technology, and transportation - against the relevant group of comparator countries using a new...
Oct 2005
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School Quality

Charles Simkins
Achieving high levels of school quality is difficult everywhere. Aspects of the recent experience of the United States are reviewed, with special attention paid to incentive issues. Statistical evidence on school enrolments since 1980 is presented as a background to resource reallocation since 1994...
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Higher Education

Charles Simkins
Statistical information on the output of universities and technikons is set out before the description of extensive policy development in higher education since 1995. These developments are assessed against a changing pattern of Senior Certificate passes and enrolments. The production of teachers...
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