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Phillips curve


Revisiting the accuracy of inflation forecasts in Nigeria: The oil price-exchange rate-asymmetry perspectives

Kazeem Isah, Abdulkader Cassim Mahomedy, Elias Udeaja, Ojo Adelakun & Yusuf Yakubua
Motivated by the distinctive paradoxical nature of the Nigerian economy as the only OPEC oil-exporting economy that yet depends heavily on the importation of gasoline, we are compelled to re-examine the accuracy of the oil-based augmented Philips curve model in the predictability of inflation...
Feb 2022
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Inflation, growth and employment in South Africa: Trends and trade-offs

C. Vermeulen
It is often publicly contended that overly strict application of inflation targeting stifles employment growth in South Africa, with the Phillips curve often cited as seemingly authoritative reference. This paper revisits this debate and argues that the Phillips curve has often been misinterpreted...
Sep 2015
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