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A comparison of the values of water inflows into selected South African estuaries: the Heuningnes, Kleinmond, Klein, Palmiet, Cefane, Kwelera and Haga-Haga

Johane Dikgang and Stephen Hosking
Estuaries are open access public goods in the sense that it is difficult to exclude people from accessing and using them, and that the marginal cost of this use is low. Given the overwhelming evidence available on the significance of freshwater inflow to estuary functionality, it is clear that an...
Jan 2015
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Valuing User Preferences for Improvements in Public Nature Trails Around the Sundays River Estuary, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Deborah E. Lee, Stephen G. Hosking and Mario du Preez
Many valuations have been made of changes to in-estuary attributes but few have been made of out-of-estuary attributes. From a recreation perspective, an important type of out-of-estuary attribute is the availability of public paths by which to access attractive features of the estuary environment...
Jun 2013
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Improving navigability on the Kromme river Estuary: A choice experiment application

Deborah E Lee, Stephen G Hosking and Mario Du Preez
Navigation of estuaries is a vitally important aspect of boating recreation in South Africa and elsewhere. This paper uses a choice experiment to estimate recreation values of the Kromme River Estuary, a popular estuary along South Africa’s east coast. This valuation methodology allows for the...
Mar 2013
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Using a choice experiment to manage the excess demand challenges facing the Sundays River Estuary recreational fishery in South Africa

Deborah E. Lee, Stephen G. Hosking and Mario Du Preez
The Sundays River Estuary, situated in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, has excess recreational demand for estuarine services, specifically recreational fishing. The estuary has been over-fished, putting its sustainability at risk. Various management interventions may be required in order to save it...
Feb 2013
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